Equality - Our Final Frontier

Experts predict we’ll have hotels in space, humans on Mars, and brain enhancements all before we reach global gender equality.

Act Now for Equality

Let’s change the timeline for gender equality.

We can’t wait that long for equality.

Add your name and join thousands of other Australians working to change the timeline and ensure that amidst all these advancements and progress, we are not leaving gender equality behind.

We'll call you and tell you more about how you can support gender equality.

Our Focus

End Poverty

UN Women supports economic empowerment through grassroots organisations that promote women’s entrepreneurship and provide better jobs for women.

End Violence

UN Women works to prevent and respond to violence against women across the globe by implementing initiatives to address sexual harassment and forms of sexual violence.

Promote Women's Leadership

UN Women provides training for women political candidates to help build their capacities and calls on political parties and governments to play their part in empowering women.

Empower Women Today

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